Dr Daniel Chen, Endocrinologist

02 9387 5500, Bondi Jct

02 9221 3919, Macquarie St

02 9969 1633, Mosman (Sat)


Endocrinology referrals

Dr Chen is a visiting endocrinologist with following appointments:

Area of expertise

Dr Chen can be contacted on his mobile, if you are a GP or a specialist, please contact his rooms in Bondi Junction Westfield on (02 9387 5500) and the secretary will be able to give you his mobile number .

Dr Chen can organise endocrine dynamic tests done at Garvan Institute of Medical Research/St Vincent’s, including insulin tolerance test, short synacthen test, water deprivation test etc.

We ensure all referrals to be seen within 1-2 months and we reserve time slot for urgent referrals (such as thyrotoxicosis, high blood glucose levels, pregnancy-related thyroid/diabetes disorder, patients going overseas/work commitment).

For more information about Dr Daniel Chen's rooms, please visit our contact page.