Dr Daniel Chen, Endocrinologist

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Endocrinology Services

An Endocrinologist is a medical specialist that treats hormonal disorders. Below is the range of services that Dr Chen provides:

Weight management

Dr Chen is completing his PhD in insulin resistance and obesity and his research has been published in Sydney Morning Herald in 2011 and 2012 "hunger gene" and "can you be fat and healthy?". Dr Chen provides a holistic individualised service in weight management to identify any potential hormonal causes for your weight gain and prescribe a tailored weight loss management plan involving the dietician.

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid disorders

Thyroid over or under-activity can lead to various symptoms including weight and appetite changes, fatigue, heat or cold intolerance, hair thinning, irregular periods and mental changes.  Thyroid disorders can be detected from blood tests.

Calcium, parathyroid disorders and osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common medical problem, individuals with osteoporosis have reduced bone density and are at increased risk of fractures after a fall. Bone density can be screened by a DEXA scan.

PCOS and insulin resistance

Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome can present with irregular periods or no periods, increased hairiness, acne and infertility. PCOS is also associated with metabolic complications including insulin resistance/pre-diabetes, high cholesterols.

Diabetes mellitus

Dr Chen manages type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is related to absolute insulin insufficiency due to antibodies attacking pancreas (insulin secreting organ). Type 2 diabetes is related to insulin resistance from being overweight. Insulin resistance causes increased levels of insulin and eventually lead to high blood sugar levels due to mismatch between insulin production and insulin resistance.

Gestational endocrine disorders

This includes gestational thyroid under and overactivity, pre-existing diabetes and gestational diabetes. Dr Chen works closely with your obstetricians and/or GP to restore your blood sugar levels and/or thyroid function during pregnancy.

General endocrinology including hypogonadism, pituitary/adrenal disorders

Dr Chen also manages low testosterone in men, fatigue, pituitary/adrenal gland problems as well as menstrual disturbances due to hormone imbalance.